Dreaming and Wandering - Travel Blog by Martina Gebarovska

Hello dear friend, I am happy you made it all the way here :)


How are you and what's your name? Where are you from?


My name is Martina...


... and most probably you won’t find me in a fancy restaurant or five star hotel.


Nor you find me at the Full Moon party in Koh Phangan. 


You’d spot me way more likely at some remote place, swimming with sea turtles in coral gardens, wandering in deep woods, cliff diving on the secret island, kneeling in the jungle heavily covered with the mud when observing fauna and flora, staring up to the trees to spot monkeys, searching for some gold in the hidden creek, sweating my pants while trying to get to the mountain peak to pitch my tent and to watch the stars on the cold night, or meditating by a little waterfall nobody has a clue that exists.

Dreaming and Wandering - Travel Blog by Martina Gebarovska

I love water. It has always been my very favourite drink, haha, but also I love to swim, dive, surf or just sit on the cliff watching that beautiful blue infinity which makes me always feel so free and big and tiny at the same time and so connected with Mother Nature. I am also a Pisces, so there might be something about horoscopes :)


On the picture above I'm face to face with the whale shark in Leyte in the Philippines. It was one of the deepest feelings of my life I felt when swimming in close next to this gentle giant. 

Dreaming and Wandering - Travel Blog by Martina Gebarovska

My journey began back in 2010 when I finished my studies at Film Academy with specialization in film directing and editing. Right after university I was happy to get quite an amazing job in one of the Prague's film production company. I considered myself to be the lucky one, having landed this job of the talent hunter and directors' representative, with very good salary and wonderful colleagues.


But I have been stuck in the office staring at my screen all day long in the city centre. Unhappy. Prague is with no doubts a charming city full of history and magic, but I am a nature dweller and being in the big noisy city for more than a couple of hours exhausts me. At the top of it, both of my bosses were exactly the kind of people I didn't want to be around.


It didn't take long and I ended up looking out of my office window every single day, dreaming about the places I would rather be at right now. 

Dreaming and Wandering - Travel Blog by Martina Gebarovska

In the summer of 2011 I took a month vacation to do the USA to enjoy the road trip with my best friend.

It was my first big trip ever. Until then, I've never been so far from home for that 'long', trying to manage everything on my own. In 2011, travelling still wasn't a big thing, the flights were way more expensive, lots of destinations unreachable to average humans, and resources on internet such as travel blogs were still quite a rare thing.


I loved that month of freedom we experienced in USA. It was a whole new experience bringing all those new feelings, that there must be more to life than just building your career. I loved almost every second of our trip, but to be completely honest, I couldn't fully enjoy it. Just because there was not a day when I wouldn't be thinking of being back to my office table and to the life that to me, was not fulfilling.


Just look at the photo above! That ginger head has to be me with my friends in LA's Universal Studios being all really happy about going back home, haha... 


With not much of thinking, right after returning to Prague, I quit my job and in another two months I left to New Zealand. With one-year Working Holiday visa in my pocket, and with... no plans, no money (well, I had about 95 USD), no job in sight, no contacts, not knowing where I will sleep even the first night in Auckland. Just pure me in pure New Zealand, the country where I was about to spend at least six months until my flight back to Czech Republic...

Dreaming and Wandering - Travel Blog by Martina Gebarovska

New Zealand was the real eye opener for me. I've tried more than 10 jobs in less than 15 months (including calf rearing as you can see on the previous pic where I am with a few of my babies I have raised - sometimes I wonder, if I go back, whether they would remember me). Most of the time I have been living in my camper van where I had all the stuff essential for living.


What's the most important, in New Zealand I have met plenty of travellers who deeply inspired me.


Many of them having the same story behind of quitting their well-paid jobs to pursue the life. Thanks to those open minded souls I soon realized I don't need to be a millionaire to travel the world and live a life of freedom.


At this point my traveling has started for real. I've spent a month on a deserted island in Kingdom of Tonga drinking rain water, fishing my lunch, drinking gallons of coconut water and spending nights reading with the candle light. I've traveled throughout Southeast Asia for six months for less than 15 USD per day, five months I have been volunteering in Spain, explored Africa, South America and moved to western Canada... and still on my way.

My dears, I hope that my blog will help you not only with your travels, but especially, I hope that it will encourage you to always do what really makes you happy.


Have a beautiful day wherever you are and please - never EVER give up on your dreams...


Love, Light & Magic


Dreaming and Wandering - Travel Blog by Martina Gebarovska

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