My 15 Best Travel Memories

of 2015


Looking back at all my travels, I feel so grateful for all the opportunities I've had in my life. 2015 was for me a year of one ended relationship, a year of many new beautiful friendships. A year of hiking the mountains, picking cherries and surfing the ocean. A year full of new challenges and my first year of my blogging - which reminds me - I feel so humbled that so many of you follow along. 


25 Photos of the Canadian Rockies Thant Will Make You Pack Your Bags And GO


The Canadian Rockies blew my mind. The rugged mountains, pristine hiking trails, deep Canadian woods and colourful alpine meadows full of wildlife, crackling glaciers and dramatic waterfalls and lakes whose turquoise blue waters are just so unreal. You must GO there!


Best Places in the World To See the Northern Lights


Where you should travel to see the best northern lights in the world? When is the best time to see them and how to hunt for them?

23 Things I've Learned From

5 Years of Travelling the World


You can live your dreams if you really want to. Don't be your own enemy.

The more time you have the more money you can save.

Long-term travel can be much cheaper than living an 'ordinary' life.

Start to live your dream NOW!

11 Reasons Why Kauai Is the Paradise You Have Always Dreamed About


In the Pacific Ocean, there is an island draped in emerald valleys, sharp mountain spires and jagged cliffs. The island of hidden waterfalls, lush rainforest and red canyon walls.

How Can You Travel the World for Cheap (or Free)


One of the biggest travel myths out there is that you need to be independently wealthy to see the world. I admit, I used to believe that myth as well. But after four years of traveling I know this is simply not true...

 Read my ULTIMATE GUIDE for long term traveling and start to fulfill your travel dreams today!

The Magician of the Canadian Rockies Paul Zizka:

How To Become a (Successful) Landscape Photographer


Starry skies, dancing northern lights, mysterious glaciers, snow-tipped peaks, eerie lakes and deep limestone canyons. Photographer and adventurer Paul Zizka will blown your mind with his photographs. Read my interview with this incredibly talented artist.

10 Amazing Workaway Projects You Should Know About: How To Explore The World Almost For Free


Do you like the idea of living on the yacht in Caribbean, practising yoga in Cambodia, riding horses in New Zealand, making your scuba diving licence in Greece, surfing long days in Nicaragua, taking care of huskies in Norway or maybe changing childrens' lives in Africa? Then this article is just perfect for you! 

 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland in Winter


Before my trip some friends of mine looked at me like I was a bit crazy to go to Iceland in winter, but now I know that it was the best decision I could have ever made! YES! Iceland in winter is a big win! Incredible northern lights, blue ice caves, less tourists, budget friendly and so much more!

Blue Ice Caves in Iceland:

Explore the Wonder of Nature


Have you ever dreamed about visiting another planet? Well you can! And without leaving the planet Earth. There is another world hidden under the hundreds years old glacier in Iceland. There are many ice caves around the world (Alaska, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, …), but the Icelandic ones are considered to be the most beautiful.